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The 11 tracks on the album are available for download on most sites including iTunes, Amazon and bandcamp and can be streamed through Spotify

The debut self titled album from Acoustic Butterfly was released shortly after their appearance in the Celtic Connections Danny Kyle finals. The album has been well recieved world wide with local and national air-play. The tracks have been used by production companies for both TV and film. The music has been described as trad and modern at the same time with rootsy celtic grooves, haunting harmonies, original songwriting and catchy melodies throughout. 


The 4 track debut ep from Acoustic Butterfly frontman Michael Clark was released at the start of 2016. These four tracks are a reflection of ideas and journeys from the heart of Glasgow city to the historic west coast of Scotland. The ep includes a highly original version of the traditional celtic poem 'raggle taggle gypsy'. The Whipsers ep is available on iTunes, Amazon music and Spotify.

"Music that crosses the fine line between good taste and modern production, with a sound that is very current and trad at the same time"

acoustic butterfly new music Scotland

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From nights out on the bustling new live music scene in Glasgow to magical journeys along the historical west coast of Scotland, this music is a reflection of ideas, sounds, stories and memories, walking along city rivers, days and nights in the country, fresh air and wood fires, rain and wind, friends and family, dreams and regrets, ideas, stories and songs collected in notebooks, sketchpads and scraps of paper, soundbytes from voice recorders taken apart and pieced back together


Described as passionate new music from Scotland, crossing over to Ireland and finding a home for a modern yet traditional Celtic vibe. Influenced by jazz, reggae, folk, blues, original songwriting and Celtic rhythms with haunting, catchy melodies and influences from around the globe

ACOUSTIC BUTTERFLY  hail from Glasgow, Scotland. The music is a melting pot of styles and rhythms, catchy melodies and harmonies. The line up is always changing depending on who is in town (you’ll often catch fiddles, harps, mandolins and the like) but at the heart of it all you find solid roosty celtic grooves with original songwriting. The studio recording 'Acoustic Butterfly' is a mellow introduction to the music but its the live shows where the fun really begins!!​

The songs are written by Scottish  musician and songwriter Michael Clark (Celtic Connections Danny Kyle Finalist). Mic works closley with his cousin Olivia Ennemoser developing harmonies instrumentation and arrangements which they then take into the studio.

Tracks from the album have been used on shows for the BBC as well as several independant film & tv production companies..

Listen to the acoustic butterfly album and the new solo ep 'Whispers' from Michael Clark by visiting the music page


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